If you wear contact lenses, part of your eye examination will include an evaluation of the fit of the lenses on your eyes. You should come to the exam wearing your contact lenses and bring with you the contact lens information (boxes or foils) as well as bringing your glasses. The doctor will check the power, size and cleaning of the contact lenses. They will review with you the proper way to wear and care for your contact lenses. If your contact lenses are a safe and healthy option for you, then you will be given an updated contact lens prescription at the time of your examination. Contact lenses are a medical device that require a separate prescription from your glasses prescription. You may notice the numbers do not always match, but that is often normal for glasses and contact lenses. Your contact lens prescription will also indicate what brand of lens to use, what size and shape is right for you and how you are to wear it.

If you have a problem related to your contact lenses (blurred vision or a torn lens etc.) and you purchase your lenses through SPECTRUM Optometry we will work with you to fix the problem at no additional expense.