Eyewear Lenses

Ophthalmic lenses are the heart of your eyeglasses. The diligence in obtaining the proper prescription, the precision in lens design, along with fitting the frame and the accuracy of both lens and frame measurements, can make or break the experience each person can achieve. It doesn't matter how much you spent on a pair of eyeglasses if it does not fit or meet your visual needs.

SPECTRUM Optometry understands that each patient is unique, but many of the visual tasks we perform each day are the same. The way we read a book, the way we use a computer, even the way we look at products in the grocery store are similar for most of us. What's unique is how often that visual task is performed and how we can optimize the visual experience for you. If you are an accountant spending most of your day working at a desk with a computer; your intermediate to reading distances are very important. If you are an emergency nurse, you need to move rapidly between reading pill bottles, checking a computer montior and scanning distance zones in order to function well. A truck driver, however, wants to have very clear distance vision as their main priority. Selecting the proper lens design is critical. It is important to understand that not all lenses are equal, and the experience your friend has with their lenses could be totally different than your own experience. Also keep in mind that one pair of glasses might not allow you to do everything you require. Your eyeglass prescription only gives you information about the power of lenses you need. At SPECTRUM Optometry our doctors and opticians work together to develop a customized solution for your unique visual needs.

Almost everyone knows Nikon for their cameras, but did you know that Nikon is also a world leader in ophthalmic lenses for eyeglasses? The same precision that makes Nikon cameras and lenses the choice for professional photographers can also be applied to your eyeglass lenses.

When you and your optician choose a Nikon lens, the doctor's prescription, the lens position measurements, the frame measurements, the lens design, coatings and material are all taken into account when calculating how your lenses will be manufactured. Every premium Nikon lens order is calculated on a super computer in Japan that customizes your lens to your unique visual needs. The lens coatings go through a 24 hour process to ensure both clarity and ease of cleaning.

New blue light filtering technology can also be added as a coating to your lenses to reduce the amount of high intensity blue light passing through the lens to your eyes. Studies have shown that eye fatique and poor sleep are commonly associated with high intensity blue light from computer / tablet / cell phone screens and LED light bulbs. Similar to noise-cancelling headphones, this filter gives you comfort from the glare of digital devices. With less eyestrain, you can focus more on the task at hand. As an added benefit the blue light filter also reduces the risk of macular degeneration.

Taking the time to understand these simple discs we wear in front of our eyes every day is important. It is easy to forget how much technology is involved in making quality lenses for your eyeglasses. Selecting your proper lens can make everyday tasks so much easier and more efficient. Talk with your SPECTRUM optician when purchasing your next pair of eyeglasses to ensure your visual needs are achieved.

If you would like more information on Nikon lenses, please explore their website: www.nikonlenswear.ca.