Who is Myopia Control For?

Children who are nearsighted (myopic), with parents who are also nearsighted, can benefit from myopia control. The treatment involves using specially designed spectacle lenses or contact lenses, with prescription eye drops to stop the eyeball from growing bigger and becoming more nearsighted.

What Are the Benefits Of Myopia Control?

1) A smaller prescription. Myopia control means that the final prescription your child has when they are an adult will be smaller than it would have been without therapy. For example, if your child was going to have a final prescription of -6 diopters, with myopia control they are more likely to have a final prescription of -3 or -4 diopters.

2) Thinner and lighter weight glasses. When your glasses prescription is lower, your lenses do not have to be as thick or heavy.

3) Reduced risk of retinal detachment. Without surgery a retinal detachment leads to blindness. People who are -1.00 to -3.00 have 4 times higher risk of retinal detachment. People who are -3.00 to -6.00 have 10 times higher risk of retinal detachment and people over -6.00 have 16 times higher risk.

4) Reduced risk of glaucoma. Myopic people are 4 times more likely to develop glaucoma.

How to Start Myopia Control for My Child?

SPECTRUM Optometry is very excited to have been one of the first clinics in Canada to offer these innovative treatments for myopia. If your child is myopic, call SPECTRUM Optometry today to make an appointment for your child to have an eye examination and to discuss the myopia control options.

Website Link for additional information about myopia control: www.fightmyopia.ca.